Validation Laboratory

Laboratory is equipped with brand new chambers. Using these chambers, the laboratory is able to perform Temperature, Humidity and Thermal shock tests.

Temperature Shock Chambers

Basic parameters:
  • Capacity: 120L and 350L
  • Temperature range: from -80°C to 220°C
  • Transition time between cold and hot chambers: <15sec.

Temperature and Humidity Chambers

Basic parameters:
  • Capacity: from 200L to 1000L
  • Temperature range: from -70°C to 180°C
  • Temperature gradient: 5K/10K/15K min

Test system development

Merit Laboratory has internal capability to create and develop Machine Test Systems for different type of tests

  • Endurance/Durability tests
  • Continuous monitoring with movement control
  • Functional tests (Analog/LIN/CAN interfaces)

Development team’s abilities

  • Mechanical design (CATIA)
  • Mechanics
  • Mechanics simulations including MES
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Design and assembly of electronics including PCBs
  • Electrical projects
  • Electrical assembly (e.g. control and measuring cabinets and test benches)
  • Creation of dedicated measurement and control software
  • Creating data analysis software
  • Creating and adapting test methods

Equipment already developed by the Laboratory:

Functional Test Bench

Test Bench with the ability to check the correctness of the test sample. Functional Test Bench is capable to be used for different type of products:
  • Analog measurements (e.g. resistance, voltage)
  • LIN / CAN functionality check
  • Verification / control backlighting
  • Memory status check
  • Automatization of test sequences
  • Samples programming

Durability Benches

Used for mechanical fatigue tests of samples in all axes and in the range of specified temperatures / humidity ranges.

Continuous monitoring system

Test machine for continuous monitoring of test samples under various conditions.
During monitoring are constantly checked:
  • Power levels
  • Power consumption,
  • Communication (LIN / CAN) and DTC
  • Other analogue signals of the samples (e.g. resistance)

Function tests

Zwick Machine

In Laboratory Zwick Machine is designed for tensile and compression tests
Basic parameters:
  • Range of strength: 0kN-5kN
  • The speed of determination of measurement data: 400kHz
  • Two interchangeable heads
Possible tests:
  • Force and Travel measurements
  • Contact Travel verification
  • Mechanical tests
  • Destructive tests


Torquemeter is purposed for testing of torque vs angle in specified speed based on customer specification.
Basic parameters:
  • Torque: 0Nm / 10Nm
  • Rotation angle: 360 deg (or any specify)
  • Speed range: 5-120 deg/sec
  • Automated positioning mounting table in X ,Y, Z axes and rotation
Possible tests:
  • Torque and Angle measurements
  • Contact travel verification
  • Mechanical tests
  • Destructive tests

Vibration tests

Vibration Shaker with Climatic Chamber

Vibration system is covering most of the existing test standards.
Possible tests:
  • Random Vibration
  • Sinusoidal tests
  • Resonance tests (search for resonance frequencies, Endurance tests)
  • Mechanical shocks
  • Control Temperature and Humidity during Vibration tests

Environmental tests

Splash water tester

Splash water tester is purposed for testing resistibility
of electrotechnical products against water
Possible tests:
  • IPX 1, 2
  • IPX 3, 4
  • IPX 5, 6, 6K
Maximum weight of the tested element: 30kg

Dust Chamber

Dust Chambers allow reproducible testing of the resistibility of electro-technical products against dust.
Possible tests according to standards:
  • DIN EN 60529
  • SAE J 575
  • ISO 20653
Types of dust used:
  • Talc powder
  • Unroasted Portland cement
  • Desert dust from Arizona class A2
Maximum weight of the tested element: 50kg
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