Quality Statement

Merit is a customer-focused organization dedicated to deliver outstanding products by fulfilling all applicable requirements. Merit committed itself to excellence and productivity. We care about Customers satisfaction and high Quality products. We consider Quality to be the key element that underpins our relations with Customers.

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Value for society is supplying customers high quality goods and services, likewise equitably rewarding employees and suppliers. This will be attained by our commitment to:

  • Maintain and improve Merit Business System
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and products
  • Standardize processes to reduce variation and immediate deviations elimination
  • Care for employees, increasing their knowledge and skills
  • Build trust inside and outside the organization
  • Develop partnership with suppliers
  • Our Quality Statement Together for Excellence is supported by Core Values
  • We ​promote​ ​the​ ​Core Values ​of​ ​Quality​ ​Culture​ ​to​ ​increase​ ​productivity,​ ​reduce waste​s ​and​ ​boost​ ​profitability what enables Value Creation and Growth

“I have learnt that having solid foundations of the Core Values behind any given subject, is the key to be successful. Implementing those values globally enables creating and sustaining Quality Culture that leads us through the demanding, yet rewarding, road of excellence”

Maciej Husak,
Quality Management System Representative
I&CIM Manager

Maciej Husak
Joan Esteve

“We know that quality drives productivity. We will keep improving every step in production to meet our customer´s expectations.”

Joan Esteve,
Quality Management System Representative
Customer Satisfaction Manager

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