Company growing steps

Merit Automotive Electronics Systems is a new project
with old origins.

The Name “Merit” has been created back in the 40s in Germany to design and manufacture switches. In 1996, Merit has been acquired by Delphi who combined it with another acquisition (Now Merit Barcelona factory) from Eaton to create a product line named Mechatronics.

Merit Barcelona factory was established in 1941, specialized in manufacturing switches for home. It started manufacturing switches for cars since 1955. It was acquired by Eaton in 1994 and Eaton was acquired by Delphi in 2001, which has highly automated facility with advanced, vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and recognized as best-in-class in terms of injection molding, automated assembly and quality.

  • 1941

    With the name Miguel Ros Poch.
    Business activity: Home switches

  • 1955

    Starts the manufacturing of the first electro mechanic pieces for the car industry

  • 1985

    KIRSTEN obtains the majority of the share with 66%

  • 1994

    EATON acquired 100% of the shares

  • 2001

    DELPHI acquired 100% of the share

  • 1945

    Merit set up in Germany.
    Business activity: switches

  • 1996

    DELPHI acquired 100% of the share

Merit Automotive
  • 2002

    DELPHI STARTED Merit project: Mechatronics

  • 2016

    China northeast group acquired 100% of the share

  • 2017

    Merit set up a worldwide organizaition and started a brand new journey

Merit Automotive