Merit DNA and Business Model


  • R&D offices & laboratories
  • Customer satisfaction is our success
  • Talented employees are our foundation
  • We truly listen to the Voice of Customer
  • We keep our commitments
  • We develop our expertise
  • We continuously improve our processes
  • We are not afraid of challenges
  • We draw conclusions from our failures and successes
  • We believe in autonomy, ownership and responsibility underlined by disciplined execution
  • Not only diversity but also honest mutual feedback are natural in the Merit organization
  • We have fun in what we do!

Our core values

Lean thinking

  • We are committed to continuously improve our processes and products
  • We standardize processes to reduce variation and immediately eliminate deviations
  • We do not accept, create or forward defects
  • We develop ourselves to be able to minimize waste and improve inputs and outputs from all our processes at all levels


  • We are proud to be part of the Merit family
  • We care about employees and try to eliminate frustration
  • Our professionalism is based on honesty
  • We want everybody to be successful


  • We build on experience of our employees
  • We are open-minded
  • Feedback is highly valued within our organization
  • We build relationships and support each other

Merit Automotive


  • We build trust inside and outside the organization
  • We do not hide issues but find root causes and eliminate them
  • We measure and control risks
  • Customers can rely on us


  • We do our best at all times
  • We have a genuine sense of urgency
  • We want to do more with less effort
  • We use new technologies to find better ways


  • We feel ownership of tasks
  • We care about on time delivery
  • We are committed to our projects and personal tasks
  • We do the right thing

HMI merit


To be recognized by our customers as a high quality and innovative supplier of Human Machine Interface (HMI) components for future automotive applications

Mission of merit


Through common efforts we build trust and develop the value of the company

objectives merit


To gather employees with passion in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and continuously work on increasing the performance of our products and processes

Actions & Key Performance Indicators

  • Return of investment
  • Employees Satisfaction
  • Systematic knowledge sharing events
  • Up to date risk control
  • Level of productivity is measured
  • Timely delivered outputs
Merit Automotive


  • Create global culture
  • Remember core values and priorities
  • Create common scheme for process understanding, issue identification and acting
  • Strengthen communication and visualization through common platform
  • Use best practice and lessons learned
  • Act proactively, fast and be result oriented
  • Recognize and eliminate root causes
  • Treat issues like a possibilities