Seat Control Modules

Seat Control Modules

Merit’s high-value seat control modules provide complete seat management in a single module. The electronic controls include a multiplex interface that communicates with other electronic control units and features a state-of-the-art seat motor control and seat memory system.

The Merit Advantage

  • Experienced traditional seat switch supplier
  • Reduced system cost
    • Module integration
    • Fewer components
    • Ease of assembly
  • Modularity
  • Customization (lighting, coating)
  • Cost-efficient motor control eliminating feedback sensors
  • High level of comfort and personalization
  • Supports E/E architecture optimization
  • Standard module reuse
  • In-house mechatronics expertise

Merit seat control modules are designed to support multiple feature levels.


  • Mechanical and electronic integration
  • Software algorithm (ripple count seat position detection)
  • Activation from up to eight adjustment axes
  • Seat heating and air conditioning
  • Automatic map-based headrest adjustment
  • Entry/exit help with anti-trap function
  • Key-based personalization