Integrated Center Panels

Integrated Center Panels

Merit's integrated center panel offers an enhanced HMI (human machine interface) experience and styling flexibility as well as system cost savings. A one-piece mechatronic module integrates all instrument panel control functions including HVAC, entertainment, communication, navigation and accessory switches....


  • Electronic interface
  • All switches integrated into conveniently-located panel
  • Integrated display
  • Optional haptic and touch screen technology
  • Integration of multiple control functions
  • Additional features (connectivity, gearshift)
  • Human machine interface solutions

The Merit Advantage

  • Optimized overall system cost
    • Reduction of harness cost and mass
    • Easier vehicle assembly
    • Multiple versions from common toolin
  • Enhances styling freedom and provides more packaging options
  • Provides flexibility across platforms, supporting various feature levels and future architecture
  • Standardization of non-visible parts (radio, e-box)
  • Customization of visible parts/TALCS (touch, appearance, lighting, color, sound)
  • In-house mechatronics expertise (electronics assembly, molding, painting, laser etching)
Merit integrated center panels Merit integrated center panels

Merit integrated center panels are designed to support multiple architectures and feature levels.